The Importance of Landscape Lighting


When creating a beautiful entertaining area outdoors, not only do you have to consider the immediate entertaining area but the garden landscape as well. Outdoor and landscape lighting has come a long way since the days of unflattering, glaring, cheap floodlights. Landscape lighting can now provide effective, stylish outdoor light solutions - there is an option suitable for every need and occasion.

Landscape lighting is very often not even considered by clients when discussing their landscape design. Often considered as an unnecessary option, landscape lighting actually extends the use of your garden and outdoor areas well into the night. It also adds stunning ambiance and highlights the textures and plants of the surrounds - an experience that would be missed without strategic lighting.

We always recommend considering lighting options in your landscape design to increase your outdoor livability and to enhancing the beauty of your landscaping so it can be enjoyed at night as well as in the day. When selecting lighting, a few simple considerations need to be taken into account:

What area or areas are you wanting to light? Are you wanting to feature trees, pathways, decking, pool or the outdoor entertaining area? Are the lights going to be exposed to the elements? What colour lighting are you wanting?

The majority of the time, landscape lighting means that the lights will be exposed to the elements. Wind, rain, sun and frost all have the potential to deteriorate the your lighting equipment. Because of this, it is important to select lighting with robust materials and components. While there certainly are cheaper options on the market, these are often made with plastic and deteriorate quickly. Therefore, you will find yourself having to replace the lights on a regular basis and this can work out to be uneconomical in the long run.

High quality, powder coated aluminium or stainless steel lighting fixtures with quality seals will offer a long lifespan therefore providing value for money. Although the cost may seem high for good quality lights at the point of purchase, these products are well worth the investment with their considerable longer lifespan.

Brass fixtures are also used in high-end landscapes and are another option for lighting, offering a stunning aesthetic value that will also give greater longevity.

Lighting Options:

There are various types of lighting options on the market today.

Spike lights - used to highlight taller plantings.

In ground lights - also used to highlight plantings and can be hidden so they cannot be seen when not in use.

Deck Lighting- Recessed into the deck to highlight edges, cast shadows , highlight steps or change in levels.

Wall Lighting - Vast array of lighting styles and options to light feature walls/ pillars, light up pathways, accentuate features of the landscape or buildings.

LED Strip lighting - Flexible strips can create long lines of lighting and can be hidden in recessed voids to create halo effects around or below objects such as steps etc.

Garden lighting usually uses either Halogen or  LED globes .
Halogen generally creates a warmer light which is very pleasing to the eye, it also uses a little more power and is a reliable globe with a long lifespan.
LED globes have both a cool and warm light option and are very economical to run.


Cool light = Bright white light with almost a blue tinge to it.
Warm Light = Toned down light almost a warm yellow.
LED can also be purchased in a RGB function which enables the user to run through the broad spectrum of colours and change the lighting colours to set any mood or atmosphere wanted.

As you can see, there is a lot to be considered when creating an outdoor entertainment area that you will use both in the day and the night.  Garden lighting can change the whole look of your garden creating a wonderland that both you and your guests can enjoy.  The options are endless and the variety and styles of garden lighting that are available will suit any needs. 

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