8 DIY Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

The most important thing to remember when it comes to selling your home is that first impressions matter! When buyers drive past your home, or arrive at your open for inspection, the first thing they’re going to see is your front yard and the facade of your home. This generally serves as a glimpse of what is to come. Taking the time to increase your curb appeal to draw potential buyers in to see what your home has to offer is a worthwhile time investment. Here are eight easy DIY tips from our experts to increase your curb appeal:

Clean your windows, entry and pergola area.

Take time to thoroughly clean your windows, entry and pergola area from all dust, dirt, leaves and cobwebs. This will instantly make your front entry look brighter and ensures that your potential buyer will feel as though the home is well cared for.

Pressure wash your driveway and old paving.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as pressure washing off years of muck and grime from paving and driveways. This is a cost effective way to instantly bring new life to your front yard and revive tired and worn areas. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can hire them from many local equipment hire and hardware stores.

Weed your garden beds

Nothing says ‘neglected’ more than garden beds overrun with weeds! Take time to weed your garden beds and lawn and keep them maintained whilst the home is on the market. You could even add some colour with a few flowering annuals to brighten your garden up.

Re-mulch your garden beds

Re-mulching your garden beds is a worthwhile investment as it adds an attractive finish to your garden beds. Old mulch that has been discoloured by the sun and rain only needs a thin top coating to bring it to life.

Do some simple pruning

It is amazing what some simple pruning can accomplish. Prune back neglected plants and roses into shape. This, combined with some simple weeding and re-mulching, will brimg your garden beds to life.

Tighten loose gates/ hinges & replace old hardware

To a buyer, nothing screams ‘lookout’ than opening a broken gate into a potential new home. Look meticulously throughout your property and attend to any loose gates or hinges or house numbers and replace any old and worn hardware.  Go that step further and select a new door knob and door knocker. Select a colour that nicely contrasts with your front door.

Take care of your lawn

It’s important to note that taking care of your lawn to keep it in top condition takes a bit of dedicated effort but the rewards are great and it provides incredible curb appeal. Take time to mow, weed, fertilise and water your lawn. Pay special attention so as not to get brown spots. If maintaining a lawn is difficult, look for a low-maintenance solution. If the lawn is not a high traffic area there are options that give you that nice patch of green with less maintenance. Small tufted grasses can be used such as:

- Microlaena stipoides ( Weeping grass). This low growing grass only needs to be mowed a couple of times a year reducing the maintenance dramatically.
- Dichondra Repens is a low growing ground cover that will quickly cover an area that you need to fill. This needs little care, and requires only a little extra water in the dryer periods. This can be a great option.

Update your letterbox.

Invest in a new letterbox to make a statement. There are so many options available on the market today, from store bought letter boxes to custom made ones. If you opt for an off-the-shelf letterbox you can paint it a different colour and chose from a variety of number styles to customise the look. For a small investment you can make your house the one that stands out in the crowd.

Taking time to boost your home’s curb appeal prior to sale does not have to be a long drawn out task. This can easily be accomplished in a weekend if you are prepared beforehand. This will go a long way towards increasing your sale price and will help to attract potential buyers to take a further look and see what’s on offer in the interior.

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