A Grand Country Retreat - Proof initial planning is so important.



Lancefield Country Retreat
A Grand Country Retreat - Proof initial planning is so important.

The following project spotlight is one of our favourite large scale designs to date. This country retreat is situated in Lancefield Victoria and boasts stunning natural elements with grand plans and extensive landscaping.

A look at this grand project featuring before images.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is seeing our projects down the track, flourishing and maturing exactly as planned in our initial design stages. Much goes into the initial planning of all of our projects including extensive irrigation and drainage as well as foundation considerations and use quality materials. This means that we make sure that our landscaping truly last the test of time. The main key to our design process is to ensure longevity this means that each and every landscape matures well and thrives.

This large project, situated on acreage, consisted originally of barren and dry land, void of any style or life. Our dedicated team designed the ultimate landscape featuring both a formal, yet rustic feel throughout. Gabion cage rock walls filled with basalt rock along with simple  formal planting arrangements closer to the home provide feature within itself. The use of blue-stone pavers and stunning old red brick provides a rustic feel true to the period and feel of the property.

Due to the enormity of this landscape, adequate drainage and extensive irrigation has been installed throughout the property and has been programmed to run automatically and is tweaked depending on the season. This ensures that the investment in the landscaping is protected and the garden and lawn areas remain thriving without continual hands on work & maintenance.

As the landscape moves further away from the house, the formal style relaxes, providing a seamless transition into the natural surrounding bush land.

Outdoor entertaining was a priority for our clients. Various outdoor spaces have been created for entertaining both in a large and intimate setting.

Working with our clients, the Love It Landscaping team provides ongoing maintenance to this stunning property. This is done on a project-to-project basis and is just one of the services we provide.

after initial landscaping work

2 years later