Three Steps to Get Your Garden Summer Ready!

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Hello Spring! With the weather improving and the temperature rising, it is the perfect time to get outside and start preparing your garden for Spring and Summer, just as your plants and trees are preparing themselves for showtime. Over Winter, we tend to neglect our garden and hide away from the elements. To have our garden beds looking pristine and healthy for the warmer weather, we have put together three simple steps to help get the most out of your garden this Spring and Summer season and to help your garden thrive.

1. Pruning:

Over winter most hedges and shrubs tend to be neglected and look a bit shabby over Winter. Most hedges and shrubs will respond very well to a light prune. Cutting the plants back is important to not only keep the garden neat and tidy, but more importantly, encourage healthy, new growth. Throughout Summer it is important to only complete light pruning to keep plants in shape. Heavy pruning or shaping during this time has the potential to burn off new foliage growth and can cause the plant more harm than good. 


* It is important to note that the needs of your plants can differ, so whilst a healthy prune is generally good for all plants, make sure you check with your local nursery before trimming to ensure that you are promoting healthy plant growth for your plant type and variety.

2. Fertilising:


Just like all living things, plants require food to grow. Many garden soils require an added boost of nutrients to keep providing your plants with adequate food to thrive. There are many different types of fertilisers on the market today and it can be confusing trying to decide which type is best for you and your garden’s needs. The simplest solution is to use an all purpose, slow release fertiliser. This is easy to apply and will provide your garden with 3-4 months of nutrients before requiring reapplication.


Depending on your plant requirements, an additional fertiliser may be needed throughout the Spring and Summer season. The use of a liquid fertiliser will provide your plants with extra nutrition and a lift. This typically can be a seaweed solution or a fish emulsion. These are both a light tonic for your plants that encourages healthy growth and can be applied up to fortnightly or as required. 


3. Mulching:

Mulch is a very important factor in getting your plants Summer ready. Mulch provides protection for the plants and allows for moisture to be retained throughout the warmer months and is very important to apply during this time. A layer of mulch should ideally be 75mm thick. This will provide protection to the plant’s roots from the summer heat, reduce the temperature of the soil and reduce evaporation of water from the soil. Mulch will also help to suppress weed growth in the garden and help to revitalise the look and feel of your garden – increasing your curb appeal.


 Follow these simple steps to help bring new life to your garden, boost your curb appeal and help your landscape investment continue to thrive for the seasons and the years to come. 

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