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Investing in landscaping your garden, whether on a large or small scale, is a big commitment in both time and finances but does pay big dividends in the long-run.  Having a professional design your garden is a worthwhile investment as they can create a design that your garden can 'grow' into for decades to come, something that the average person is often unable to do.  Our designers use the latest technology in design so you can 'see' your garden before any work is started.  This allows you to consult with the garden designer to tailor make a garden just for you and your needs.  We use the latest software available to create a 3D rendering of your future garden so you can see for yourself exactly what it will look like.   For those who are not looking at getting 3D rendering and concepts completed, we recommend taking advantage of our detailed 2D plans. These plans are meticulously drawn up by our experienced landscape designers, taking into consideration existing structures such as the family home, pools, pergolas, garden sheds and large trees.  Our 2D plans provide you with a to-scale birds-eye view of your landscape design allowing your dreams and the vision of your space to be clearly planned out and organised prior to works commencing.  This provides you with peace of mind and a clear picture of what your landscaping will  look like so that you, the customer, and our designers are on the same page.  Having a 2D plan ensures that mistakes can be avoided before the commencement of works as you can see exactly what the vision is.  These plans are then used by landscaping and construction teams to implement your personal landscape design.  

Alternatively, if you are planning to do your own landscaping, it is a worthwhile investment to have 2D plans drawn up by our designers for you to use yourself.  Our designers are experts in their field and have in-depth knowledge about council regulations, ideal plantings for your particular needs and a wealth of knowledge about various materials available to help you construct your perfect garden.  Having a 2D design drawn up with save you time and money in the long run and avoid time consuming and costly mistakes.  

Whether you’re planning to complete a project yourself, or are enlisting the skills of our expert landscaping crew, contact our team today to discuss your landscape designs and save yourself the headache and the cost of errors.

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