The Endless Possibilities of 3D Design & Video Walkthrough



A look into 3D Design and Video Walkthrough

We know that visualising what your landscape is going to look like can be very difficult. Truly grasping the placement of retaining walls and structures can be near impossible. We at Love It Landscaping, wanted to provide a way to virtually ‘test drive’ your landscape design.

Introducing our 3D concept designs and video walk through. This type of design and modelling literally brings your landscape plans and designs to life. We know that your investment into your property’s landscaping is worth it, and these designs allow you to fully picture your potential new outdoor space. For those who find it difficult to visualise what could be, this is the perfect option for you. 3D design will also help to define expectations and remove any unexpected surprises.

Our 3D design service goes into much detail, highlighting the many design aspects of your project regardless of what requirements you have. Any existing structures on the premises, such as your house or existing pergola and fencing can be modelled into our designs. Our 3D concept designs and video walkthroughs are to scale taking into consideration our recorded on site measurements.

Taking advantage of our 3D Design service has many benefits, some of which include:

  • Helping to establish the landscaping budget.

  • Cost effective way to make changes to the landscape design prior to works beginning.

  • Allows for greater accuracy during the construction phase

  • Allows you to see the height, depth and distance in comparison to your already permanent structures.


Contact us today to discuss your landscaping design needs. Our team of experts combine over 25 years experience in landscape design to ensure that your achieve the ultimate landscaping experience that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

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