Synthetic Grass - What to consider


What to consider before purchasing


Synthetic grasses are seen throughout every new housing estate. Known and desired for their low maintenance properties, the popularity of synthetic turf options are growing each season. A simple drive through your newest housing estate will show you that not all synthetic grass options are the same. They vary in colour and quality with a price point that equally varies.

When you purchase cheaper synthetic grasses, you will find that you your grass will have a shorter blade length and width, it will consist of a cheaper plastic and have only a single colour. This will give you a very fake, artificial variety that resembles nothing like the natural option. As you move down into the more expensive varieties, the quality is unparalleled. The grass will consist of a longer leaf with multi tone colours throughout. This provides a more realistic look and is softer under foot.

Synthetic grasses are a great option for shady backyards and for those with kids or animals as it removes muddy patches that will naturally occur with real turf options. Synthetic grass is extremely hard wearing and a a great low maintenance solution. Take time to think about the look you are trying to achieve prior to investing in synthetic turf options. Do you want a cheap, low maintenance alternative? Or would you like a life-like solution that closely mimics the real thing?

As always, the preparation of the surface prior to laying the synthetic turf is critical to having a high quality finish and ensuring longevity. Contact our team today to discuss your landscaping and synthetic turf options.